WWSB ABC-7: $2M approved to preserve site near Myakka Park


Triangle Ranch sits right across the street from Myakka State Park and has three miles of the Myakka River running through it.

SWFTMD’s preliminary vote Tuesday allows them to spend up to $2 million towards the conservation easement and guarantees money to purchase the property.

Triangle Ranch is home to wildlife from both under and over the water including 120 different species of birds.

Christine Johnson, the Conservation Foundation’s President hopes this land will mesh nicely as conserved lands next to Myakka and Crowley Museum.

“In addition to, of course, mammals and other large animals such as the gopher tortoise. Those are endangered animals.”

“If you were to take the boardwalk out to Crowley Museum and Nature Center to it’s observation tower you’re looking at Triangle Ranch.”

On the property is the last little bit of unconserved marsh land in the area. Conserving that, says Johnson, would be a huge success.

“Tatum is the largest Depression Marsh in the Myakka River Valley and it’s the only one not protected.”

Coming up with the funds was a task in and of itself.

Johnson has been working for months on the public-private collaboration…

“We still have some paperwork to do. We still have agreements, devil in the details type of work to do. Then, we go back to SWFTMD’s governing board to get final approval before they release the funds.”