Kent Morton

Kent Morton is the Chairman of The Morton and Spapperi Family Foundation.  Mr. Morton, along with his wife Julie Spapperi-Morton, co-founded The Foundation as a means to channel their interests in the natural world into tangible advancements in preservation, enhancement, and restoration of the environment in which we all live.

Kent’s career in advance of establishing The Foundation gave him both the impetus and knowledge necessary to meet The Foundation’s goals and objectives.  In 2010, Mr. Morton helped found Moxie Energy, LLC, a privately-held company whose mission is to develop, own, and operate clean energy infrastructure projects.  Moxie Energy developed, and currently has ownership interests in, three natural gas power plants in Pennsylvania valued at close to $1 billion each.  The efficiencies and best-available environmental controls in these power plants have helped improve regional air quality by displacing older, less efficient fossil fuel plants.  The projects’ use of air-cooled condensers that do not depend on drawing large amounts of water from groundwater resources was another design feature implemented by Moxie Energy to minimize potential environmental impacts, including potential impacts to species of special concern.
Prior to forming Moxie Energy, Mr. Morton worked for the AES Corporation where he supervised the environmental and regulatory processes for various energy-related projects, including management of the political, legal, and public and community affairs associated with those efforts.  Before he joined AES, Mr. Morton worked for Calpine Corporation where he successfully developed six large-scale energy projects that are currently in operation, including four cogeneration projects valued between $300-$600 million.  From 1992 to 1999, Mr. Morton worked for Kenetech Energy Systems as Director of Project Development for numerous natural gas, wind, and biomass projects.

Avoidance, minimization, and mitigation are important concepts associated with any large infrastructure project.  Throughout his career in the energy industry, Mr. Morton consistently advocated and successfully implemented efforts designed to balance the wants of society with the needs of the environment.  His work with The Foundation moves these efforts to a new level of emphasis.

Mr. Morton has a law degree from Yale University and a Bachelor of Science degree from the United States Merchant Marine Academy.  He and Julie enjoy all types of outdoor activities, and regularly seek out new adventures that broaden their appreciation of our natural world.