Julie Spapperi-Morton

Julie Spapperi-Morton, along with her husband Kent Morton, is a co-founder of The Morton and Spapperi Family Foundation, a private foundation that focuses on land acquisition with the intent to maintain the ecological quality of the land parcel through terrestrial and aquatic preservation, enhancement, and/or restoration.  The Foundation is also actively engaged in supporting education in the sciences and engineering through schools, scholarships, and other training programs.  In addition to her role as co-founder and inspirational leader, Ms. Spapperi-Morton also serves as The Foundation’s President.

As former senior manager in the energy industry, Julie brings over 25 years experience leading environmental impact assessments, due diligence reviews, and site selection/feasibility studies for multi-billion dollar energy, industrial, and transportation projects across the United States.  More specifically, Julie both led and participated with teams of engineers and scientists responsible for assessing potential effects of proposed energy infrastructure projects on water use and quality, wetlands, biology, cultural resources, soils, noise quality, air quality, socioeconomics, geology, land use, recreation, and aesthetics.  As a part of these projects, Julie worked closely with clients, stakeholders, and agencies to secure permits and approvals necessary for the projects, including permits under the Clean Water Act, air permits, compliance with Section 106 of the Historic Preservation Act, threatened and endangered species issues, floodplain and floodway permits, road crossing permits, soil erosion control plans, NPDES construction and hydrostatic discharge permits, zoning permits, and other required permits.

sunset-1016345_1280Julie’s exposure to the pros and cons of energy development and operation instilled in her a strong passion for conservation of the environment that evidences itself in The Foundation’s goals and objectives.  Her personal involvement in creating The Foundation and participating directly in its activities are both extensions of her belief that appropriate stewardship of the natural world benefits all of us.

Julie earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Atmospheric Science from University of Wisconsin, Madison in 1991.  During her early working years, she supplemented her education with numerous graduate-level courses in science and environmental engineering at the Illinois Institute of Technology.

As a child, Julie exhibited a sense of excitement for the natural sciences, mathematics, and the workings of environment.  Her pursuit of these activities from an early age to the present day demonstrates itself in a delight for all things outdoors.